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Trusted Waterproofing Company

At A2B Waterproofing LLC, we are capable of fixing all your basement and drainage issues. Whether it's water entering your basement or standing water in your yard, we will come up with a solution to stop it from further damaging your structural foundation.

Waterproofing and Drainage Expert

If a puddle is forming near your gutter and downspouts or anywhere else around the foundation, this will lead to foundation damage and weaken the integrity of the structural foundation. Do not let leaks and clogs get the best of you. At A2B Waterproofing LLC in Northern Kentucky, we are capable of fixing basements or yard drainage systems and protect them from further water damage.

We have more than 16 years of in-depth experience in the industry. Our passion for helping residential clients in maintaining their homes drove our owner to go independent and start A2B Waterproofing LLC in 2021. Trust us to waterproof your property’s exterior to keep hidden leaks from destroying your home and help preserve your property’s value.


Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide quality waterproofing and drainage systems to our customers.

Testimonials About Our Waterproofing Services

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